Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is a protected area in Tanzania’s Arusha and Manyara Regions, situated between Lake Manyara and the Great Rift Valley. It is administered by the Tanzania National Parks Authority, and covers an area of 325 km2 (125 sq mi) including about 230 km2 (89 sq mi) lake surface. More than 350 bird species have been observed on the lake.

Lake Manyara National Park

Lake Manyara National Park is a special place in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit. This park offers a chance to see a wide range of animals and plants. The park sits at the base of the Great Rift Valley’s western slope, showing off many different natural areas. There are dense forests, big grassy plains, and a beautiful lake that gives the park its name. Simply put, Lake Manyara National Park shows off the best of Tanzania’s nature.

There’s also a lot of amazing wildlife in the park. You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy it – there’s something for everyone. You can see big animals like elephants and giraffes, and watch hippos going about their day. The park is even famous for its lions that climb trees. Exploring the park lets you get close to this fantastic wildlife. So, a visit to Lake Manyara National Park isn’t just a day out – it’s a special experience that lets you see nature at its best.

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Iconic Tree-Climbing Lions

Witness the rare sight of tree-climbing lions, who lounge in the branches of acacia trees, scanning the plains below for prey. This unique behavior, exhibited by only a few lion populations worldwide, adds an extra touch of excitement to your Lake Manyara National Park experience.

Vibrant Birdlife

As a birdwatcher’s paradise, Lake Manyara National Park is home to over 400 bird species, including the elegant pink flamingos that gather along the lake’s shores. With its diverse habitats, the park offers ample opportunities for bird enthusiasts to spot both migratory and resident species.

Scenic Landscapes

Park boasts an array of captivating landscapes, from its lush groundwater forest to the contrasting arid landscapes surrounding the alkaline lake. The park’s stunning beauty offers visitors a serene and intimate safari experience, away from the crowds of more well-known parks.

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